my new daily

what is it? :lol: pics later, guess!



you got another porsche??? SWEET! or did you finish the repairs on the other one?

nope, got another. guilty as charged.

So will the other ever be finished?

Why did you get the 944? I thought you were of the “924’s are plenty sexy” group…

Fiance’s car died. I gave her the zx2, bought this as my daily. The 924 is my fun/track car, so yes, it will be finished. She needed something reliable, so did i, so this is the replacement of the zx2 for me. The 924 is way sexy, absolutely :slight_smile: As far as a driver’s car is concerned, the 924 takes the cake on the feel of driving.

They giving them away where you are? Very nice.

LOL. You would assume they were with the way he is picking them up at.