My new daily driver

just picked her up dirt cheap!!!

800 bucks… will NOT be modded though

Such a clean car. But lol at the small tail pipe. Admit it. You love zx2’s. So when are you meeting me in MI :wink:

Fixed it for you. :lol:


Two weeks…oh here is a intake…ohh udp…ohhh this etc.

“but it was soo cheap, i couldn’t pass it up…”
“i found it laying around the house…”
“the old part needed replacing anyway…”
“it’s more economical this way…”
just giving you ideas of excuses for when you start modding it

lol, you guys crack me up.

Ok ok, I’m not going to say no mods at all… Just nothing crazy.

Probably won’t do much at all… although I’m already sick of looking at that tractor boot

lmao your resolve is already crumbling


great find there! it looks a lot better than the 800 dollar beaters i find and fix around here.