My Mineral Gray Gloss Zx2

New here to the board, just a few shots of my 2001 Zx2. Picked her up for a little over $7k with 31,000 miles on it. Manual trans, no mods as of yet.

Welcome. Looks good. I like that last pic.

  • Darron

Welcome…and happy moding.

Welcome!! Those are some nice pics!!


that pic is sweet…

Thanks for the compliments, I just got a very good new job, so either I am going to mod my Z or wait and get a different car.

Very nice!

mod the zx2 get another car as a beater
i like the last pic alot
looks good

dude, ur a good photographer (as well as a good photoshoper) have fun modding

I would do that with the exception that I will be making enough money to afford a much nicer, faster car and still be able to live comfortably.

No kidding! He’s definitely got some serious skill with that!

BTW nice looking Z there :slight_smile: That’s an excellent looking car!