My FZ6 and my new tank mount

I just got a tank mount for my camera the other day, I decided to go test it out. Heres the video however it is quite large… 50mb.

I just now finished watching it after you messaged me.

She gets up there pretty damn quick there buddy, looks like fun :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to jump up to the next cc category after the wedding, I’m looking forward to it.

wow looks like u had fun

The displayed speed seems so high compared to what the video shows. I’m sure if you are on the bike, it feels as fast as displayed. But pretty cool. Love the mountain roads you got there.

That’s pretty sweet. :thumbup:

Sweeetttt!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Felt like a video game…except I couldn’t control it… lol Sweet. Too bad about the digital display when you’re accellerating. Is your tach analog at least?

  • Darron