My fiberglass project!

Well I think its about time I shared what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. Keep in mind that this is the 1st time that I have ever worked with Fiberglass so its not perfect, but I hope it works the way I expect it to.

Tell me what you all think!

Very nice Mark now wheres mine

Cool…where’s it go? I’ve been wanting desparately to turn the donut hole in the trunk into a sub box then mount a full size spare in there over it. Using fiberglass. Keep us posted homes!

  • Darron

It goes in the driver side trunk wheel well.

I ran out of money to make the mold for future boxes so its going to be a bit before I can get to it mike!

Nice mark!

Looks really good Mark. Keep us posted with your progress :mrgreen:


looks hard to work with! :-o