my accident

Here are some pics of my accident.

It was raining out pretty hard and i started to hydroplained going about 60 mph, slid into the jersey wall then spun to my lift a complete 360 then hit the wall again. Im fine with a small cut. They might total it, i find out tomorrow or today. I hope it is totalled cause I will be getting a new one. but heres the pictures…you can see the CF hood and my K&N intake.

I don’t know if it’ll get totaled, the airbags are a good factor as there expensive to have reset, other than that I don’t know. Course I really can’t tell a lot from just pictures. Hope that stuff works out though.

Dammit…didn’t you JUST get that car a few months back?! :shock:

word of advice… the airbags are what offset my ‘total’ status when i had my accident. They probably will total it.

Sorry to hear about that, I know what its like. Heal fast, and Im glad to hear you only had minor injuries…

also, make sure you get ALL your aftermarket parts off the car. If you have progressive for insurance, they wont cover your aftermarket stuff. They gave me the excuse that the parts werent supposed to be on the car.

if you have geico or most other companies will just ask for a reciept or pictures of what you did have on the car … it sucks man … but i hope your doing ok … cars can be replaced … you cant

well they didnt total the car but right now its at 50% damaged. the body shop is starting to rip things apart now and they are finding things broken so they are righting another write up. my insurence covered my cf hood so thats good. but i am hoping that it gets totalled still. i have already built my next tC and it will have 3 times a much mods. But im sute i will be stuck with this one. im toren thought cause this one is my baby even though the current stauts. But im also becoming engaged soon so i need the money for the ring and all so…you know how that goes!

sup guys. well the car was 70% totalled so therefore its not! The body shop is working there ass off to get me the car next friday! once i get her back i will be posting pictures of her and the mods i have. although i wont be getting the CF hood anymore as i need to save up for a RING! yes thats i will be popping the question in august!

Well that kinda sucks dude…hope that shop gets 'er done for ya! And good luck on the popping…it’s a scary/fun time!

  • Darron

dude… just make sure they are doing quality work…

my car is starting to peel from where they repaired my car last summer after it got vandalized. im pissed.