My 3.0L Probe Revving!

I just got a small video of my 91 3.0L Probe revving up for you guys to hear.

It’s got a cta intake, 9mm wires, 2.5" exhaust, high flow cat, Magnaflow dual tip muffler, alarm, all black interior, and thats about it for now. She’s getting a new custom intake manifold, custom header, and rear battery swap this winter.

nice, my cousin used to have a 92 probe GT (turbo!). the probe isn’t a bad car to mod.

1st gen GT’s are easily modded and decently fast. I like the 3.0 though, its actuall hard and rare to find a 3.0L probe with a manual.

I didn’t even know they put a 3.0L in the Probe. LOL

The Pushrod Vulcan. Tons of versions of it. Also used till this day in the ranger.

Ya, i had it in my truck for a little bit. Kind of a weak V6.

Interesting…sounds a li’l goofy IMO…but then again…I’m used to the ZX2…

  • Darron

Same engine I had in my 95 Taurus. Take the cams and intake mani off of the '00 and up Vulcans for a power gain. I think its’s about 10 hp.

That sounds NICE!

Sounds a little goofy with the record, it wasn’t the best quality. But if you can’t hear it to clearly, the sound most resembles an old efi V8 with no cams.