my 2nd gen escort

here are some of the most recent pics, as the wether gets better i will get some more up, engine pics are what u guy will want to see.

nice beamer front conversion :sunglasses:
got any bigger pics?

not yet but in the next few weeks i hope to, got a new computer and haven’t had a chance to get the pics yet from the old one. Need to take some new ones as well.

looks sweet. keep us updated.

Looks good. You should get bigger pic’s we would love to see it bigger.

I love it. It just looks like a car you don’t want race if you can help it.

i actually do want to race it eventually, i just come up with what ever mods i can afford. I really don’t have much invested in the body work yet. About $600 including the headlights and body kit. I have more than that in my clutch and flywheel alone.

wait so i’m not crazy, that’s a bmw front end?