My 2nd but technically 3rd ZX2!

Well I have been on the hunt for another ZX2 so i can finnally turbo my ZX2. Well picked up a 99 ZX2 with a 5 speed transmission. It has something like 90,000 miles. It has Cruise control, AC, Manual windows, No sun roof… :frowning:, and has charcoal interior.

The only bad part about it is It has no front bumper, headlights and such. My White ZX2 is going to be a doner for the parts. The only thing I don’t have is a hood, but i’ll probally find one today.

More pics will come today after I work on it some!

Oh, and picked it up for a good price!

Looks good. How much did you get her for? Turboing a zx2 is always good fun. Still trying to figure out if I will or not. Yet there is somebody’s car that I am hoping to get in the near future so I wont have to worry about it as much. Good luck and when do you figure out the project will be done by?

I picked up this baby for 800 bucks, I have yet to get it running yet because of the fact I had to change some parts. Tomorrow I will be finishing the maintenance and maybe swap the drivers side door(scratches) and trunk (dent from baseball) since I have both from the other car. I also plan on putting on one of the various mufflers on it and do a keeman intake set up on it.

Whats wrong with it on why it’s not running? Sounds like a good deal.

The car sustained damage to the thermostat housing, so i replaced it with and extra I had from a spare motor. I also changed the PCV valve and I noticed a tear in the hose, so i replaced it with Heavy duty hosing!Today I managed to sell my old set of 17 inch rims and I also spent all the money I got from the rims for parts for this car. Tomorrow ill find out if I need to purchase a hood or not.

Dang sounds like a lot of work. Must of been a frontal crash since thats the only way I can think of that getting ruined or some how the upper hose of the radiator got pulled down on the T-stat housing and ripped it all off over there. Is this going to be only a summer car period or a DD

This car is going to be my daily driver. Tomorrow I plan on getting a new battery and checking for a hood at the junkyard down the road from my house.

Try to get some better pic’s. Lets see how this thing turned out. Any progress today?

Last night I bought a battery from walmart! So I put that baby in and she purs like a kitten. Today I’ll be picking up the hood. It’s red though :frowning:. But, I got some spray paint for shiz’s and giggles. So i plan on doing a red racing stripe for fun! Ha. My car will be the reverse of Koihoshi’s!

I believe my mother is putting the car on her insurance today, so I shall be registering the car hopefully sometime this week. That mean’s im going to be swapping my stocker on to the black Z and also the broken headerpanel and headlights from the white Z. So all should be kosher and I shall have a pretty solid DD!

If I have enough time tonight, I plan on doing the knocker mod and also hacking off the muffler and slapping on a pacesetter. Hope she passes inspection!

I plan on blacking out all the lights including the head lights. Tint will be in the near future. Limo tint in rears and very light side window tinting!

She’s got a hood, I kemanized the intake! Sounds nice and deep! lol. Also my K&N is in it too! I ordered spray tint too

holy cow that thing did get messed up but for 800 dollars its worth it if she runs and drives and just need body work. Spraying is easy and pretty cheap if you know how to do it.

My dad is a body man, im not worried about the paint. It just needs to get me from point a to point b…

I have ZX2 meets in my driveway with myself!

Modified Stock ZX2 bumper!

Oh yeah, i threw these on too.

lolz, i love having spare things lying around. The X came from a grand prix!

ohhh more pics!

I was looking more at that front black bumper. Dang is that skinny on the bottom. Yet it looks nice. Are you thinking of throwing mesh grill in there?

Ahh, i decided i hated the front bumper. So I used the front bumper that was in the wreck. It was mangled but with my skills, i got it back in shape. It doesn’t look bad at all.

Ill have some new pictures to post up very soon.

I think if you put mesh grill in it and cleaned up the cuts more even it would of been fine actually. Would be nice to see a Intercooler behind it haha

Well i went back to a stock front bumper. I didn’t like the front too much.

I have also painted the center rear reflector and added fog lights.

I plan on adding my hood pins( i broke the hood latch and im too lazy to fix it right)
and i also plan on doing the Blacking out of this Mofo!

stock bumper does look better on it

Black z’s ftw!!

Stock front looks better, oh and <3 the sexcort