MX-3 Seats

Where’s the best place to find them?

Junk yard… Unless you wanna pay shipping… There is a cat selling some on teamzx2 for $75+shipping.

About what would shipping cost? So far no luck at the junkyards. The closest one was the only one to answer their phone. They have zero mazdas, and ONE 1998 Escort sedan. I know almost nothing about cars, but if my googling skills are correct, it also has a 13mm rear sway bar. Just like my ZX2 already has. So unless I’m wrong, and that’s very possible, then it’s useless to me.

I want those seats! Everyone seems to be talking about them like they’re amazing.

I have a set in my car. They are nice. They are more of a bucket seat, they hold you in place a hellva lot better than a stock set of z seats. They also make you sit like a 1-2" lower which makes it feel a little more sporty.

My guess is if you shipped them grayhound it would be like $100 assuming gray hound is around where you live. I paid like $175 for mine but the guy drove them like 150 miles to my door :slight_smile:

I live in Arkansas. But at the end of August I’ll be making a drive up to Utah in my ZX2 and I’ll be living there. I’m gonna try the other junkyards first.