MUSTANG!!! $500

93 ford mustang lx 4 banger 5 speed needs trans, motor runs fine good body and interior 100k 500 bucks plus you gotta come get it

Any idea on cost for tranny, and could you help install?

  • Darron

Few $100 dollars from a junkyard.

i have shop down here i could instal the tranny yeah and prolly 150 bucks plus a new clutch from the junk yard , motor starts right up, best bet is a v8 or 2.3 turbo swap

Soory for false alarm, York’s further into PA than I thought… Cost for benefit is too steep for me for a winter beater. Especially since I can get one for $400 here in town. Soory, and good luck selling.

  • Darron

How much to ship this to washington state?