MSD Ignition parts

How well would the msd ignition coil and the msd plug wires work with the escort i just ordered some i i figured i would ask to see what i will be expecting from them

As long as your engine is stock and barring any defects in the original pieces, you probably won’t notice any difference at all. Better would be a fresh set of double platinum plugs, fresh synthetic oil and use premium unleaded fuel.

Out of curiosity, why did you recommend premium fuel?

I’m curious as well, unless op has a tune or an s/r pcm premium fuel doesn’t help, I tried it on my car when I was atx and it actually hurt fuel economy. OP: It doesn’t hurt to use them, they won’t hurt but they won’t really help either. I upgraded to the MSD coil when I started to get a #4 misfire out of my stock coil, it was cheaper than a new O.E. one and its given me no problems. The main upgrade here is looks in your engine bay.

I don’t recommend premium fuel on anything that doesn’t recommend it. Octane rating is relevant to the compression and need for burn on the engine. For those that don’t know, octane is a rating of it’s resistance to compression. In other words, lower octane rating means the fuel burns easier since it’s less resistant to detonation (this is why a performance engine will ping if you put low octane fuel in it…) so higher octane is actually not necessarily better.

My ninja 250 is a high compression engine, VERY high compression. But makes little power, and has little need to burn fuel at a high rate to the point where it pre-detonates. Guess what it takes… Regular.

My Ducati on the other hand has a high compression engine that makes a LOT more power, and the engine also runs at a point where it’s tuned and will actually prematurely-detonate if it doesn’t run premium all the time. That’s “pinging”

I’ve tried premium in the zx2, and with a stock tune, it DOES get worse fuel economy because it can’t burn all the fuel it has with premium.

With an S/R the tune is different, so is the mixture, and they will ping if you don’t use premium.

Again… octane rating is not “how awesome” the fuel is, it’s the fuel’s measurement on resistance to compression and pre-detonation.

I guess if you wanna be cool for the people at the gas station that you’re putting premium in your car and getting worse mileage and less power that’s fine though if it makes you feel better :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps…

As to the ignition… ignition isn’t necessary to upgrade unless you’ve already done quite a bit, as already mentioned :slight_smile: