So just wondering if anyone got the chance and took advantage of it to go watch the Kick Ass movie while it was in theaters. I mean I did and is was…well it lived up to its name. :smiley:

I seen it, it was pretty good LOL.

I don’t watch much tv and rarely go to movies - but it looks funny.

yes it was…I say it was the best money I have spent on a movie since 300

You spend actual money on movies?!? :shock:

yes its the only good way to make a date night a date night with the wifey

Only movie I have seen recently was Hanna Montana’s new movie.

sorry but GAG! :o

What are you? Some kind of Tila Tequila fan?!? :roll:

hey hey I would take Tila Tequila over that Ciley Mirus girl anyday.

Don’t mind me, I’m just being 48 in public again . . . . . . :lol:

A bit on/off topic - old movie i enjoy - Dune

Yeah I like that movie too. I saw that Marmaduke movie with Owen Wilson as the voice of this Dog…um I thought it was shite so dont bother IMO.

3d UVWrapped versions of the classic characters just ruins them IMO. Underdog failed too. I’m hip to Dune, as I like sci-fi a great deal. Read many of the classics. Sometimes the movie versions do justice, and sometimes not. Starship Troopers was pretty faithful to the book considering the relatively short time frame of a feature movie. How about Blade Runner?

I like anything that is quality and most remakes are not. Like Night mare on elm street. That sucked. The Omen remake sucked. Blade Runner was good I like Harrison Ford. I cant wait on this New Movie Coming out, ya know the Cow Boy Bebop movie.

What?!? They’re remaking Urban Cowboy?!? LOL

Remaking? its Cowboy Bebop as in the Japanese Anime

whew . . . you had me going there for a moment. I’m not very familiar with anime, back in my youth there were some rudimentary cartoons and some rather unique marionette type shows. I came up in the age of UFO, Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Star Trek, Ultraman, Godzilla, etc.
here is a small look at it.