Motorsports Nationals 2009 Sept. 19-20 in Atlanta!

Its back again for a second year, Motorsports Nationals! Coming to Atlanta Sept. 19th and 20th at the Atlanta Motor Speedway! Had a good turn out last year and looking for an even bigger one this year! There is going to a lot more stuff to do this year, more classes (Hot Rods, Classics, Motorcycles, Trucks, Exotics, Imports…), live shows, BURNOUT competition, BIKINI contest, TRACK CRUISE, STUNT shows, and DRIFTING returns! Lots more information on the website so be sure to check it out! Its coming up quick, are you ready?

Help us spread the word about the show. Pass the word around any forums you know, friends and anyone else you know!

Looks like a great time down there. I bet you you will have ton’s of fun.

I doubt I’ll make this show. It is at a better location than last year and it’s much more planned, but it’s still not Nopi. The advertising group has pissed off many local forums and they aren’t in it to put on a good show. All they care about is money, they don’t care about the scene.

I see myself sitting at home unless Nopi comes back for the 2010 show season, which my source in the company says might happen.

Nopi isn’t coming back, this new show is basically the same thing just new name. I know the guy thats helping to put it on now, and he’s doing a good job. Working on getting everything back that Nopi had at their shows. But at the same time expanding the show to a bigger, wider crowd that will bring in more cars from all sorts.

I don’t if I’ll be there yet or not cause I’ll be in Tennessee the week of the show for the Fall Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge. But might come back early from Tennessee to make the show.

Nopi is still alive and kicking, just as a parts company right now. And to say that it’s the same as Nopi Nationals is pushing it, because the show last year was about 1/5 of what 2007 Nopi Nationals was. When they get 50k people per day into Atlanta Motor Speedway, they can claim to be like Nopi. They ripped off a big local forum (over 38k members) last fall, which is a good way to lose your hometown support. if you have to login let me know and i’ll make some screenshots.

I know Nopi is still kicking, I just don’t see the show coming back anytime soon. But they’re hoping to bring in a new crowd of people to change the show scene a bit.

Couldn’t see it cause I’d have to log in. If you’re talking about judging and far as ripping them off, they changed it from last year because it wasn’t a fair judging when it came to the final decisions.

Not wanting to start something over a show, but never really liked Import Atlanta cause of some of the attitudes that some people have on there. They bash anything and everything there that I’ve seen. Used to be on there and couldn’t stand the attitudes/egos that I saw. Just my opinion.

But I’m just trying to help my friend promote the show and get the information out there.

I completely understand where you’re coming from man. And for the record, I don’t like import atlanta very much either (for the exact same reasons you said). But the admin team is very fair and the site has cleaned up a lot in the past six months. Good luck promoting, and I still might come up with my car club.

This is mainly what I was talking about:

I will admit last years show did have flaws but it was also throw together at the last minute. Not sure really about the booth deal, they were pulling at what they could to get some booths open. But its hard to say what happened. This year I know they’ve had more time to work things out and actually sit down and figure the details out. Just really have to wait and see how it goes. Every show starts out rough the first few years, and eventually gets better after awhile.

NOPI is having a show this year in dallas ga on september 19/20 thesame day as the same day as the motorsports natinals show.

nopi has this on there website, also