Motor Knock

I was comming how from Pep Boys today and all of a sudden i got a nasty motor knock thast progressivly getting worse, I had my dad look at it and hes not even shure. We thought maybe it was a carbon buildup so we sprayed some carbon cleaner stuff in the intake and it didnt help at all. I was jsut wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Has anyone ever had the pins in their cylinder that hold them to the connecting rods wear out. Im at a loss of where to start looking here and woudl like to see if anyone has any opinion they can offer before i rip into the motor

btw the motor only knocks at high RPM and when there is no load on it, and it is not throwing an oil light.

What side of the engine, top end, bottom end? Does it vary with rpms or does it stay the same?

Have you thrown a cell like check engine? Check the knock sensor?

It varies with RPMs and is deffinately a top end knock, check engien lite is on but has been on, havent had a chance to check the codes yet tho.

start checking with the codes. if the light has been on a while it was probably indicating that what your experience now was going to happen.

If you took it for Pep Boys for anything it is probably thier fault. Might be a VCT code that you have. The VCT is noisy when it breaks or is not getting oil. Might want to check you oil.

Knocking is also a sign of detonation prior to TDC. That would mean there is an ignition problem too.

Hey I work at Pep Boys currently and everyone I work with don’t purposely mess up customers cars. It could just be normal noisy injectors like mine has.

I wasnt blaming it on Pep Boys, they didnt do any work, i was in there getting exhaust hangers.

Im gonna head over to Auto Zone rite after school to see if they will check the codes

let’s hope it’s not the main bairings on the crank…

thats exactly what it was, thrown bearing on the drivers side…

where can i get a new crankshaft??