Motor exchange Please Help

I have a 1998 zx2 and Want bigger motor. Is there one from any other vechile that I can put in and make fit. Please helpasap

there is no moter you can drop in our cars without a decent amount of work. A KLZE v6 swap has been done, I have seen others with a 406, 5.0 but those where more or less for the strip. Your best bet would to turbo charge, this is what most ppl with these cars sonic they want more power. But basically these are not hondas, we do not have swap abilities.

well I have been doing alot of reading on this website trying to learn as much as I can on my zx2. What do I need to do to get my motor prepared for a turbo. Im new to the motor work part but am willing to lern as much as possible.

I have heard of people boosting on the stock bottom end. But if you wanted to make it bulletproof you would need to get some forged rods, some pistons (most people who boost go with something similar to JE 9.0 comp ratio pistons)

But if you didn’t wanna get that indepth, you could always just stick with some bolt ons, maybe port your head and IM etc.

Piss pretty much nailed it right on. If you don’t have a lot of experience in turbos it could get ugly in a heart beat since there is so much going on vs throwing a intake on. You have the risk of blowing/wrecking your motor very quickly if everything isn’t up to par.

Win the lottery, then shoehorn a Speed3 setup into it.

Isn’t the SVT Focus motor relatively easy to swap in? When I was shopping for my ZX2, I saw a heavily modified one for sale near me with a turbo, and an SVT Focus engine. It sounded like a sweet idea to pump up the ZX2 without sacrificing reliability.

I’m currently doing an SVT focus engine swap. If your going to do something like that. Why dont you make your engine a 2.3L stroker.