Most Disliked Vehicles on The Road

Thought I would start a hate list of vehicles. I want to see what vehicles other ZX2’ers hate and why. Make sure to be sincere about it.

My most hated vehicle is the Ford Excursion. All makes and models. It is just too damn big to be on the roads and should require a special license for driving. It is the most inefficient thing that I have ever seen. Starts slow, stops slow, turns slow, looks slow, eats gas, takes up too much space, has ugly drivers… You get the point! Believe it or not I had a fool in one of these tanks try to race me once. :roll: Keyword is “TRY”

Pontiac Aztec - no explaination needed!

Cadillac Escalade - Pointless, wasteful, ugly

V6 Mustangs - and basically any other car where the owner opted for the smallest engine.

Newer Eclipses - They just suck in so many ways.

Chevy SS Truck - Mid-life crisis vehicle

Chevy Corvette - mid-life crisis/rich prick ride, and you could have so much better for the money.

PT cruiser - could have been a really cool car, but they cut too many corners…and there are too many of them on the road!

Hummer H2s - ugly and well…just dumb! I’m so sick of this suv fad!

Those are just the ones that come to mind…except for the obvious catagories of vehicles like ricer rides and most suvs.

Scion Xb… uh, gimme a couple days and I’ll have a hate list 2 miles long.

(I can’t second that enough. - Foos Fight)

HUMMER H3, look like mini H2 with fender flares, also the Mercedes G Series SUV. (Another Box)

All of the above along with the Honda element, oh and the fucking aztek…wait that was mentioned already. HONDA CIVIC!!! They don’t even look cool, they look like a hunk of trash on wheels. Toyota Echo, also retarded. I don’t care much for the Matrix’ either but that can be debatable. Oh yeah and that friggin aztek, those things are so damn ugly I just can’t comprehend people driving those things…wait I think I mention the aztek already, yeah it pretty much sucks as bad as your mom giving a catholic priest lessons on how to give blow jobs…to little boys…to little boy scout boys…to little boy scout boys that are also alter boys…ok enough said…I hate my life. :shock:

anything with a big dumb carberated v8

I absolutely hate Honda Civics. I would think that every Zx2 owner hates them. Only Honda I would ever buy would be the S2000. But if I had that kind of money, I would buy a different car anyways.

“Civics are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.”
“To mod a Civic all you need is Ebay and a Credit Card.”
“Racing a Civic is like racing in the Special Olympics; even if you win, you’re still a retard.”

you missed on … racing a honda is like fighting a girl , if you win you cant tell anyone and if you loose then you better hope no one finds out

lol! fighting girls…

Xa - ugly little pos… I would take the Xb over it
Xb - box on wheels… as was said…
Toyota Celicas - The newer models literally look like a smiling whale on wheels. I would take an older model though, like the ones in GT3.
Hummer H2’s - as was said…
Pontiac Asstec… …wtf were they thinking???

If you are gonna buy a Hummer…“Don’t be a puss; buy the real thing, a H1 (Humvee).”

H2 (Suburban) or worse H3 (Tahoe).

Seems that the higher the number the smaller the vehicle gets.

Okay, I’m gonna jump in against the Hummer bashing. I agree about the H1 kicking ass and the H2 sucking ass…however, the H3 is a very capable vehicle. My brother works at a Hummer dealership and has taken all three vehicles on the proving grounds in IN along with the competition (Cherokee, some Mitsu and others) and the Hummers all out performed, but the H2 still sucks.

Basically…I’ll accept your bashing of the H2 and praise of Humvee, but don’t knock the H3 yet. (yes it’s smaller, but it’s pretty cool too) Oh yeah, and they all suck gas like a frickin’ Battleship.:slight_smile:

But everyone driving an xB should find the nearest cliff and ghoust ride it over the edge. Them nasty Mercede’s SUV’s too.

  • Darron

Saturns. That’s where I’d like to send them all.
Pruis. Don’t even get me started. I think it is so funny how you make an envorinmentally sound car that not only moves like, but also looks like, a slug.

The Saturn Ion doesnt look to be a bad car… I havent done any research on it as I would probably never get one, but I think they look allright. The SL2s are okay also…

The Prius has come a long way since it first came out. Nice little hybrid, cept for the fact that it looks like a slug. Whats the other one that looks like a snail? round back, flat front…


The Honda Insight?

  • Darron

The scion Xb is definetly super ugly. The pontiac aztech and the honda element are both ugly suvs. I also think the new chrysler 300s are discusting too. Give me a little bit and I’m sure that I could think of more.


take the chrysler 300 and put on some blinging 22’s!!

i have seen it! sweet car!

Yeah the honda insight!


How about we obliterate ALL 300’s. Which is funny I say that, 'cause I like the new Chargers and it’s basically the same thing.

  • Darron

Now I live in Buffalo. The winters here can make the roads hazardous at times. But what make it worse are the SUVs driven by soccer moms that think they should be 20 mph. under the speed limit. The damn thing has 4-wheel drive or all wheel drive, so use it. Those are the vehicles I hate.

Perhaps if there were mandatory re-testing of drivers and stricter guidelines on driving tests, we could weed out all the bad drivers who pick bad cars in general.

People I hate:
Soccer moms with SUVs
Old people with “Parade Float” sized V8 cars.
POS cars that can’t get the vehicle over 50 mph on the highway.

4wd is just two more wheels spinning to help you into the ditch… I would prefer to see the SUVS going slower around here during the winter, as a safety thing. I dont need them losing traction on all 4 tires and plowing into me faster then they were travelling.

I saw a Parad-Float on fire today… old guy standing outside looked depressed (reasonably so…).


Yea, BUT, AWD has been proven to be the best in snow. If you have 4wd, the power just goes to the wheels that are slipping at the time. If you have AWD, the “power goes from the wheels that slips to the wheel that grips.” My mom has a 2003 Chevy Astro (van) and it does amazingly. I have driven it in the snow and unless it is REALLY powery or REALLY icy, it doesnt slide. I’ve only made it slide by slaming on the brakes and even then it really wasnt much b/c ABS kicked in.