More local car club meet pics.

One member got her car running… And all the guys had to totally check it out.

How many dudes to fix one girls car? ALL OF THEM if she’s single!

Look what showed up!

The ferrari that was too scared of the GTR to come say hi.

Late arrivals.

Tried to get more but i found out when i got home my focus beam on the camera had a bunch of prints on it, no wonder some turned out blurry… posted the ones that weren’t :slight_smile:

Looks like a great time out there. I bet you had fun. That prelude look nice actually wonder if he has the old h22 swap in it or not.

My buddy Chris (RIP) had a prelude. It was fast not sure if he had the h22, but I think he was planning it before he passed away.

Sorry to hear that about your buddy. I bet he would of had a blast with a H22 in it

It was an SH model. according to wikipedia it has the h22a4 designation for the motor.

sweet didnt know that