More controls within the tags.

Is there anyway we could do “width” and “height” within the IMG tag? This way we could keep the pictures to a reasonable size. Or if the IMG would make it a certain size automatically, that would be cool too.

You best bet is to host all pics in the gallery which resizes them correctly for posting. Eventually We will be mmoving to a commercial BB system that wil have alot fo those features.

As far as the width and height. The code is bb code so I am not sure if you can do that or not. I will check into it.

Yeah…I don’t want to put up an image that is “twice” the size of the screen.

are we going YaBB or PhPBB?

We are running phpBB but we are def not going Yabb Ill post more infor when I know.

Yeah, Mirror your best bet is to have us host them.

  • Darron

It’s no big deal. Even I could host them. I have my own website too. But when I’m typing up a responce in the forum from work, I don’t have ftp access to my webserver because the ports are blocked.

I would just like to resize them. Unless they take up to much memory, then I would decrease the physical size of the picture, not just the display size.

See! If you would just host 'em on here, you don’t have to worry about ports ‘n’ poo! :stuck_out_tongue: And it’ll resize automatically! :slight_smile:

  • Darron