Molding Wings West Kit

I have heard several conflicting arguments about molding in my wings west. Anyone with some info?

conflicting on whether or not to do it? What are people telling you? I think it would look good. The WW is just a lip kit so you wouldn’t have to worry about molding over joints that you would possibly have to take apart later.

The confilcting information I keep getting is that since the kit is polyurethane it will jsut crack. Since it will expand and contract with heat. I know its been done but I am just unsure if I actually want to mold it into the car and ruin the body by the molding incase I want to possibly sell it someday or revert it back to stock.

ahh that I dont know about. have you talked to a body shop yet? what do they suggest?

I say build the car you want it to be built. There is a point that you will reach that someone else wouldn’t buy the car. If you keep modding it, you will begin to reach a point where someone would want it the way you have created.

Live in the NOW.

Thats true… but yeah I have talked with several bodyshops and they all gave me different answers.

Urethane is a little more crack resistant than fiberglass but is not easily repair like fiberglass is if repairable at all. Fiberglass is able to be repaired back to full strength. So look at it this way. If your kit gets damaged it’ll be tougher to fix it.

He is not worried about the actual body kit itself cracking…he is worried about where he molds the body kit to the actual car cracking and looking like shit.

There are epoxeys available that is used to repair urethane and is strong enough to attatch to sheet metal… Just decide if you want to go through with this and if so, sand to bare metal to 1" above the kit and then sand the paint off the kit with 80 grit so epoxy has something to bite into, and then smear it on the seam with your thumb pressing it down in the seam some also…

I have not done this, so dont quote me on it, but it shoud work LOL.

Ask Nate (Nike) over on TeamZX2

Found this:

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Are the prices ok?

Might as well order 'em from WW for those prices…look straight off their site.

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