mmmmmmmmmm.... I want a couple of these too!

Dude…why do you want a bunch of little red X’s? :wink:

  • Darron

Should be fixed… Don’t know why it wasn’t working…


  • Darron

I got to say is that the stock suspension on the `05 Mustang GTs rides like ASS. I mean, the car started to float all over the road starting at about 70mph! Scared me enough not to buy the damn thing.

That being said, throw a STEEDA suspension under it & it handles like a dream.

Also, if you ever get an MTX one, make sure you get yourself a short-throw shifter in it quick. It felt like trying to shift gears in a big rig, the trow was so long!

I loved it at first, but I just don’t know now. It looks… cartoonish.

Let’s see how the GT500 does beore we pas final judgement…oh…wait…Dammit!..I gotta stop having conversations with myself! :shock:

You and me both! They are sweet cars. Can’t keep them on the lot at the dealership I work at.