mmmmmm Land Rover mmmmmmm

If I had the money I would buy one :smiley:

Don’t you??? :lol:

hmmm… I think TOP SPEED did a segment on the new Land Rover. It was pretty interesting to see them climbing a hill in Poland, i think it was, and switching the suspension with a press of a button.

I agree about Top Gear… I don’t agree about the vehicle. Give me a Wrangler or a Hummer. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

HUMMER? I thought you knew better.

I’m not a Land Rover kinda guy. I would much rather have a Jeep Rubicon.

Hummer…Humvee…same basic thing.

  • Darron

As long as you were talking about the HUMVEE/H1 and not the bastard children: H2 and H3.

I would have specified if I wanted one of those. :slight_smile: The H3 doesn’t seem that bad, but I’d rather have the original. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

the H3 is a chicks humvee.

yeah…i’d buy one also…

I would never buy that crap , not low enough to the earth, cause I like watching peoples feelings get hurt ~ :lol:

does anybody wanna buy me one? :wink:

Would you all beleive that the H3 is based on a Suzuki platform! :shock:

well hello scott

Scotty! How goes it!?

  • Darron

Whoa, where did Scott come from? Dude whats up!

dunno you but im friendly

Hi! :smiley:

It goes ok. Had to move (again) but it’s beter for my health. Dryer, cleaner air here (that’s currently classified), that definitely agrees with me. I WILL say that it’s exemely mountainous here & tht the sun doesn’t reach my house until about 11am & I loose the sun after about 3:30pm. Driving here is a blast in the ZX2 now that I have a few new suspension mods I fabbed up…


The H3 IS based on a Suzuki Platform :?

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