Merry Christmas Guys

Hope you’re having a good holiday, anyone get sweet parts/tools?

My Xmas was pretty good! Got a car wash kit, and I bought myself a set of mx3 seats (you know that ^ lol) But I did get a sh** ton of halo stuff! (I collect anything halo.) action figures, books, and a hat haha. How was everyone elses? What did u get?

Car related? Car soap and a can of liquid wrench lol. but i did get a good set of coveralls in black for working on the car during cold months. I pretty much got straight clothes this year

i got powertools, tools and more tools.


Merry c-mas as well

I got married with children on dvd

Happy Holidays… I have a brand new set of externally adjustable shocks/coilovers I can’t wait to trial fit… If all works I’ll have them up on the site in a couple weeks…