Mellowness65's epic FS thread

Ok due to my parent’s divorce I’ve got a lotta shit that needs to be gone. Prices are negotiable, if you wanna be a cheapass however I’ll move the stuff rather than losing money. No written nor implied warranty is given. If you have questions I’ll answer them honestly and to the best of my ability. I hate being sold things in worse condition than I assumed and I don’t want anyone to think that they were shit by me. With that said here goes:

Re-cleared headlights. The 98’s might be taknen, but the 99+'s are def. not. The pair in my car is like them and also for sale, check my project log for those. I plan on redoing them if they sell, they were my first set so they could use some touchups. I also have a 99+ set with the amber removed. I think the ones pictured are still sealed from factory, the others I’ll have to reseal since I opened them. $150 shipped for a pair/$80 shipped individually

JY fresh foglights, no bulbs. $20 shipped

KVT5: 4 wire automatic ecu. Was original equipment in my car. $20 shipped

MX3 seatbelt latches, $10 shipped each/$15 for both

AYB3: 1999 6 wire automatic pcm, came in my parts car, def. works
MTA4: “best” 4 wire manual pcm, I plan on using it in my beater but if someone’s willing to pay $50 it’s yours
CWQ3&XHG3: 2000 S/R PCM’s, from wrecked cars, I’ve not used them. $150 each

Plastic wiper cowls(2 of them): I doubt you’d want to ship so $5 locally

TB’s: 1 looks like it was ported with a chainsaw but I can say I’ve used it: $20 shipped
Virgin zx2 tb: $30 " "
4.6L V8 tb with tps and wiring pigtail: $50 shipped

Headunit adapters, 2 metra style 1 scoshe style, from the JY. If there was wiring attached you get it, if you want one pm me and I’ll get a better pic of it

ATX shit that came out of my car, I have more out of the beater. Need a part? pm me. Want it all? $100 local. Includes everything needed for 2 atx cars except the tranny and tq convertor. One of each is included but I know the trans is bad and wouldn’t bet on the tq convertor

OE Focus camgears: $10 shipped for both

4 21mm RSB’s: $40 shipped. No endlinks but oe d-bushings are supplied1 SOLD

98 coolant sensor][/img]
Drum Brake E-brake cables: $20 shipped. I have a few sets

ZX2 SPC, broken on one end $10 shipped

more atx junk, see above

Contour spc: works for our cars but has 2 worthless cable holders for us. one is broke. $10 shipped
MX3 rear tie bar:$35 shipped. for 90% of people it won’t work, but those who have EGT rear subframes it goes between the rear lateral links. Factory grease pencil marking is still on it

MTX spacers: $30 shipped I have AT LEAST these 2

2000 ccrm: $25 shipped

Yellow Iceman $100 shipped. IAT hole drilled in it so it’d work for a 98. White in the hole is just a plastic bagcomes with couplers

Rust-Free rear subframe:$50 locally. It still has factory grease pencil on it

98 vc’s: $30 shipped

S/R Borla: $150 shipped. Amazing condition

Random reservoirs, you need it I got it. Price will be $5+actual shipping

98 star wheels: $150 local 3 good, one has some nicks from where I used it as a spare. All have some tread but I wouldn’t try to race in the rain with them.

98 ccrm: $15 shipped

Gray sunvisors: $15 shipped good condish

Mirror: $10 shipped

Random shit, $50 for all but more than willing to split. Includes heater core, cruise control buttons, atx brake pedal rubber, door latches, door bumpstops, console cupholders

Brand new R1 drilled/slotted discs for all 4 corners. $145 shipped

03 front bumper: $150 local. one crack on the bottom, one tab broke(taped thing). I was going to use it until I got a new one. no grilles

Manual windows from my car, $50 for all, mirror not included

S/R steering wheel: $50 shipped. I used it until I got cruise control

Plain Jane steering wheel from my 98: $25 shipped

Airbags: $30 shipped
Airbag delete: $40 shipped

Dark charcoal gauge bezels: $30 shipped each

Lt. Gray interior: $100 local for a whole setup

2 99+ intake mani’s: $40 shipped, I’m willing to ship to JohnP if you want to get one ported

more 98 vc’s, see above

strut bolt caps: $5 shipped/pair, clean up your engine bay appearance1 PAIR SOLD

s/r seat skins $100 local for the set, I think the backs are complete and the rest are just skins
S/R struts and dropzone springs: $150 local
wings west bodykit pending
Blue Iceman: currently on my car, see project log for pics of it $100 shipped
fuel rails: $30 for a 98, $20 for others

If it says local I’m willing to ship if you’re willing to bite the bullet and pay

cwq3 shipped to oceanside, CA?


im a newbie sorry… does this make the rev limiter higher also?

it might, I’m not sure exactly what stock was since I’ve been running NGP0 in mine since the swap and a superchip when it was atx. I know that it def. does raise the governer to around 160 and advances ignition curves so that running higher octane gas is beneficial