Meguiars Quik Detailers

Been using this on my bikes and my ZX2 inbetween washes. Works REALLY REALLY well. Use a very very soft cloth and spray it on and buff. Then buff it off with a dry SOFT cloth and it’ll leave a non micro-marred wonderful clean shine. Best not to do it if the car is fairly dusty or dirty. I’ll go on a ride, come back, quick detail it and call it good. But if it’s sat for a few days I won’t touch it for fear of scratching. Cheap in price, good stuff.

the black bottle is good too. it protects more instead of just cleaning. i have both.

That’s one of the many cleaners I use on the car. I love it just before shows to give a detail effect. Ill get a post giong soon once I am done using my 12-14 cleaners on the z.