Meet In NY

I’m having a meet of all Escorts/Tracers/ZX2’s/Mazda Proteges in Highland, NY on April 15th, 2006, with the raindate set for the 22nd.
Time is 10:00 am to 3:00pm
After the meet, there will be a cruise thru the Area, so people can take in the sights.
Have a lot of interested people.
There are hotels in area, but I’m going to try to get a group discount if people want to stay in a hotel! So let me know in the email!
Location: 650 Rte 9W(Next to McDonalds)
If u need directions, let me know.
Pre-registration is helpful, but drive ups are not ensured a spot if we have a lot of people come, we DO have a lot of people coming.
Here’s the info that I need for the meet
Name(Ex. Louis O.)
Phone Number(Useful if you want directions)
What car(s) r u bringing(Basics please, like Green 95 LX)
Want to bring friends?
Send them the info list or include their info in the email
I’m trying to keep the theme of ESCORT MEET but if you have 1 or 2 friends that have a different car, I’ll let them attend, but need to know what car they plan on bringing.
Head of a club or want to have spaces next to your friends?
Let me know in the email
My email is

Damn, that will be quite a cruise for me… I hope it will be worth it for the 5 hours it will be hosted for, it will take me probably 14 hours to get there.

escortracingny, where abouts in Highland are you having holding the meet?

Its near poughkeepsie, about an hour from albany and 1 1/2 hr from NYC

If you guys want to come email me your name email, and car u r bringing.

I know where highland is… im about an hour from poughkeepsie depending on road conditions. I meant specifically where are you having the meet?

I can let you know closer to the date, wont know for a couple of months.

Sorry about that.
Its in the Brideview Plaza on Rte 9W next to mcdonalds. If u need directions let me know.

Is there anyone else going to the meet in Highland? We could meet up in WNY or a rest station and go as a group. I would be leaving after work at 5pm. So leaving my home around 5:30 from Buffalo. Rochester would also be a good place to meet up.

The Address is:
650 Route 9W
Highland, NY 12528