Meet In NY


This is a NEM/Cruise scheduled for April 15th, 2006
If you want to attend, sign my Guestbook, or email the following info needed to register you.

I’m having a meet of all Escorts/Tracers/ZX2’s/Mazda Proteges in Highland, NY on April 15th, 2006, with the raindate set for the 22nd.
Time is 10:00 am to 3:00pm
After the meet, there will be a cruise thru the Area, so people can take in the sights.
Have a lot of interested people.
There are hotels in area, but I’m going to try to get a group discount if people want to stay in a hotel! So let me know in the email!
Location: 650 Rte 9W(Next to McDonalds)
If u need directions, let me know.
Pre-registration is helpful, but drive ups are not ensured a spot if we have a lot of people come, we DO have a lot of people coming.
Here’s the info that I need for the meet
Name(Ex. Louis O.)
Phone Number(Useful if you want directions)
What car(s) r u bringing(Basics please, like Green 95 LX)
Want to bring friends?
Send them the info list or include their info in the email
I’m trying to keep the theme of ESCORT MEET but if you have 1 or 2 friends that have a different car, I’ll let them attend, but need to know what car they plan on bringing.
Head of a club or want to have spaces next to your friends?
Let me know in the email
My email is

You can count me in. Probably my whole group, Team Oddball. But for now, Just Count me in.

I just need to talk it over with them. But the feature cars would be the Zx2, Oldsmobile Cutlass (not listed), Saturn Ion Redline SC (if he joins), Grand AM GT and a Chevy S-10 Extreme. Those are just a couple, perhaps more, we’ll see.

If I’m lucky, I will have the Talon TSi on the road and bring that aswell.

i sent you an email

put my space next to mirrorgaurdians car or next to his club!

Well, because it being Easter weekend. Only I am dedicated enough still be coming. Is there anyone else going to the meet in Highland? We could meet up in WNY or a rest station and go as a group. I would be leaving after work at 5pm. So leaving my home around 5:30 from Buffalo. Rochester would also be a good place to meet up.

Also need a address to do Online Directions.

Well, I’ve made my reservations for the meet. Is there anyone else going? Mark and I will be taking pictures and videos.

w3rd! I sent you a PM sucka!

Battery for camera is charging. theres is a tape in the camera! All I have to do now is clean up my car.

Room for the night $69.30
Fuel getting to and from $57.50
Spending Money $61.50
Free Seat from Geranimo $0.00

Finding out it has a different pattern: Priceless

why all the way in NY?

cause we know how to get down in NY!! w3rd!

Why not in NY?

Im working on editing the video from the day.

Dude, the mountains is where it’s at. That’s where you find what you’re car is made of. Going up hill, down hill, cambered turns, “S” turns going up hill and down. The air gets thin and your engine works harder.

Yeah…the mountains are great testing grounds for your car.

I must say, everyone did well. We lost a Tire and almost had an accident but the turn out was great.

It sucked that there was that damn truck on the “u” turn. lol.

here is the web version of the Video from the day… its 15mb so its going to take a while to download. The high quality copy I have is 73mb…

Please save it to your desktops with right click, save link as…

[url=] ... %20Web.wmv[/url]

Who’s engine was it that was loosing coolant? Same car was burning oil too…lol. But he made it.

had to be Jeremy!

haha yea prolly was, him and that damn dual fartcannon exhaust, and that big box! lol!
And BTW, marc, Dont rub it in that I lost my Tire! LOL!
I feel like crap b/c i couldnt go on with u guys, and i had to hold u guys up. But, after i got my winter tires on the rear, i got back in time to see you guys off!

Hopefully, with the meet at Lebanon in august at the drag srtip, i dont lose my tyre! and hopefully ill have my Zetec in my soon to be mine tracer 4dr!


I wasnt trying to pick on ya! just illustrating the highlights of the day! We all had fun, and unfortunately due to circumstances you werent able to join us. But at least you came back to see how everyone made out! To me that showed commitment to event.

haha just playin with u marc! and yeah i like to finish what i start. Would have felt like crap if i didnt make it dn there before everyone left. And to all: Dragstrip meet at lebanon Valley first weekend in august! Lemme kno via PM or email if u plan on comin!

When is the next meet ?.. :roll:

I still have to connect with Lou on this one, but ERDT is planning on having a LARGE group of people heading down to Carlisle June 1-3rd.

So when are we all meeting again???