MDS wires VS. Ford Racing wires.

So over at the new Rob has both the Ford Racing spark wires, same as used in the ZX2 S/R, and the MDS ones. I’m wondering which to get, or if there is even a differance. I’m not one for the look of my engine, but the blue Ford ones are kinda nice. I would rather the one that perfoms the best.

I use the FR’s… I like them

At this stage of the game, either one is acceptable. The biggest factors are how many ohlms of resistance each has and how much cross section the wire has. The lower the ohlms the better. When you get into high reving engines that is when sparkplug wires cost more.

Ditto unless you plan on making a LOT of hp in the next 30k miles get the FR the MSD’s are nice but there a little over powerfull for most cars not that’s a bad thing but wht pay 4 the power when you cant use it

Funny you should mention. My next few things involve further tuning the engine, getting better tires and the purchase of a SCT, so yea, it will matter! :smiley: Secondly, though I should start another thread for this, which would you pick for springs, Eibach or these?

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My husband Darron (a.k.a. Foos Fight) has the Eibach springs and seems to be highly satisfied with them. I don’t have any complaints about them either. You can definetly tell the difference between those and stock. You can take bends and turns alot faster than you can on stock. Hope this helps:)


I was leaning towards them anyways. I’m getting the sport struts and I figured as long as I’m in there might as well do the springs. I just wanted to see if anyone had heard of the other company I linked to.

Progressive spring are very well recommended asa well as Eribach and Sprint are you changing the srtuts as well 99.5 to 03 zX2’s had Tokickos from factory so there highly recomended the 98 to 99.5 had Mac Pherson’s Now i’ve had both and theres very little diffrence in them

I noticed when I was changing my brakes that the struts are indeed Tokickos. But the car has over 71000 miles on it, so I figure its time for a change anyways. I’m hearing a creaking in the rear these days. I figured that as long as I was down there I would nail both the struts and springs. I would do the rear disk break conversion too, but I haven’t found the nessessary parts. Anyone know an owner of an Escort GT?

I don’t remember, Darth, if you have upgraded your rims/tires yet, but I’ve noticed (and our roads aren’t the best here in NW OH) some occasional rubbing at the rear when hitting bumps, dips and other imperfections in the road when I have either a passenger in the back, or some heavy stuff in the trunk. So if you were to get the Progress (which I honestly have yet to hear a negative about) you’d probably have even more issues with rubbing even on stock tires. Although if you live in FL or CA or something where the roads are like glass 'cause you don’t get snow and therefore salt…you won’t have my problem. But as tigress said, I love 'em and they’re definitely stiffer than stock. Plus with the Tokico struts (making it the “S/R drop”) it’s a great setup, which isn’t surprising when you consider that they were tuned to work with each other.

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I still have stock tires and rims. Actualy I kinda like the stock rims. Overall I’m into keeping my car as innocent looking as possible. Can thiner (if thats the term) tires fit on the stock rims? I know I need better tires before I plug in my SCT.

Can thiner (if thats the term) tires fit on the stock rims?

Do you mean low profile tires? Sure, you can get any tire size you want, but I’m not sure you would want to.

Do you know how tires are sized? Or can you explain what this means? 185/60R15 If you can explain what that means, then it will be easier to get what you want from a dealer. Honestly I would say stay with the same size tire but with better traction.

Yea low profile, thats the term!

As for that number, is the type of tire right?. I’ve seen it on the side of the tire before. When I got this 03, it was about a month after I got tires for the 02. Remember that one died in an accident. So I took them to a tire place and had them swap the new tires off the old rims and onto the new(er) car.

Like I said I like the look of the car, I don’t want its physical appearance to indicate whats under the hood. Low profile tires might breach that, but Darron mentioned that with the Eibach springs I might rub the stock ones when I hit a bump, which I really don’t want. You mentioned this before:

P - 93 MPH
Q - 99 MPH
S - 112 MPH
T - 118 MPH
U - 124 MPH
H - 130 MPH
V - 149 MPH
Z - 149+ MPH
W - 168 MPH
Y - 186 MPH

How does that chart apply to the tire number?

Here you go!

Tire Code

Emphasis was on “MIGHT.” And it’d only be for a second as you hit the imperfection. I have no rubbing issues other than a brief contact after a large bump with extra weight in the back. And only with the Progress. If you go with the Eibach springs I doubt you’ll have my problem because the stock tires are thinner than my Nittos.

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Ah, the glory of Wiki. Thanks mirror. And thanks for clarifiying Darron. All I need to do is save up then its play time. :smiley: