Mazdapeed 6 baby!

:-D I got my mazdaspeed 6 and it's flippin sweet! I could never ask for anything more in a luxury car. Some idiot in a new chevy HHR tried racing me the other day, I don't even thing i had half the throttle down on it and i just cruised away from him. too much power to even need!

i am seriously debating on buying one…

they are badass cars…have you seen the new camry? the one that is pushing like 270hp.

aren’t they still FWD? Maybe i’m wrong on that.

They’re AWD (a little primitive, but better than nothing), with a good chunk of hp, and ass loads of torque. They have full torque from 2K rpms up I think. After 5,500 though, the power falls off, because they have a pretty small turbo.

You should check out They have a lot of good info on there. Just make sure you keep 91 or 93 octane in it, otherwise power will fall off like crazy after 4K.

Miranda and I will be buying one of those in a couple years as our “family car.” :-o

  • Darron

Heck yeah we will be!! It has to be grey and loaded :evil: