Marks driving style



Well, at least he was passing cars. LAMO, j/k, not like I’d do any better.

Can’t help thinking at that one point "Oh GOD he took his hands off the wheel for a PHONE! :oops:

lol! it was in a straight away!

Nice find Mike!

I’d like to see what he’d do next year. Indeed, nice find.

Mark’s driving style? You mean ironmark?

I thought his driving style was more like this -

nice vid…love the ferrari.

I’ll have to look at this again while I’m at home so I have sound and can watch the whole thing. But it’s a chick driving. At the beginning at least.

  • Darron

k, not a chick, but his arms look chick-ish.

Koi…that was…something…

  • Darron

Freakin hilarious! As for the Ferrarri video, thats a perfect example of too much car and not enough driver. lol (As if I could do any better.) :mrgreen:

  • D-Block