manual trannys

any one know how to open up a manual tranny? I have a friend that is stuck taking his apart…Not sure what the problem is, it will only open up about 2 inches and then wont go anyfurther.

Jaws of Life.

There’s 2 screws on the side that go into parts of the tranny that you gotta take out. 13 or 14mm i believe. Tell him not to lose the little ball and spring that’s under one of the bolts too. If he’s got a small magnet that’s the best way to get them out. If that’s not it then post back.

I believe he got that part done… I remember him saying something about a spring going flying… lol.

this is also what he said:

“it’s one of the shaft not sure which, whichever one is longer the 5th or reverse gear one, it is being held by something inside I think preventing the thing from coming out”

Is it difficult to rebuild your own tranny?

Put it this way, I rather take apart fully and rebuild two engines than one manual transmission.

Ahhh… that fun eh? How long would it take, cost, etc…

If it’s a shaft then it’s gotta be the throwout bearing shaft. There’s a gear that spins on it and engages your gears and shit when you let the clutch out. It’s travel is about 2 inches. Tell him there’s a bolt that holds that shaft in place from the outside of the tranny. He needs to remove that to get the top half off. Again, post back if that’s not it.

Wow… engines must be easy cuz i can do a tranny in 2 hours.

Damn, teach me to do that! LOL!

You’re close… i could.

I believe he got it…

however… my Ford CD for some reason didn’t have manual transmission listed the first time I looked at the menu system… After going into the focus section and coming back out then it was there…

That’s strange…

Anyhow, glad he figured it out. Tell him good luck for me. Puting it back together is the tough part. LOL

You’re in oregon?


Ecchhh… transmissions are black magic boxes.

How often does the tranny need rebuilt? I’ve never done one before. I’m at 94k miles.

When it goes it wont need a rebuild, mostlike a whole new tranny usually. Plus having it rebuilt cost more than getting another one.

Wow that’s superhero in tights gay. How much is that?

False. The things that go out are the brass syncro’s (brass is inherently weak but good for a helper gear cuz it saves the real gears), spider and drive gears (bad differential design, Phantom Grip will make it better), shift forks (made of aluminum so of course they’ll break if you slam it into gear) and detent plate (never seen one break, but i’ve heard of it happening).

All of the above are easy to change except the syncros. Those need to be pressed on and off. Yes, it is more expensive to get it rebuilt than to buy another one. That’s why you do the work yourself and save alot of money.