Making an A/C Bypass pulley out of the stock a/c?

Anyone tried it with success? I don’t feel like spending nearly $100 for a chunk of metal with a bypass pulley on it if I could gut my stock a/c and slap it back on modified and save weight.

i am running this setup, i didnt do the work, the kid that owned the car before me did the work–(not a real big fan of his work) it looks like to me that he just removed the back part of the comperssor and left the rest of the housing intact. i’m not sure how much weight it saved, because most of the bracketry is still there.

Just take the whole A/C compressor and bracket off. Then get an A/C Compressor Bypass Pulley.

Thats what Derek is trying not to do! lol!


could we just bypass the compressor with a shorter belt? Also if so…gotta part number?

Sorry, he said under $100. Pulley is only $39.99

could we just bypass the compressor with a shorter belt? Also if so...gotta part number?

There is also a that Serpintine Belt w/o A/C is $18.99. (not sure you can use a UDP with this option) Gatorback part#4060465

Lastly you can take the compressor apart, use a bolt to hold on the old pulley and use the same belt.

Thanks for the part number mirrorguardian…you dont happen to have a diagram of how the belt will route when you bypass the compressor do you?

KoiHoshi didn’t you have a whole set of those diagrams?

[url=] ... iagram.JPG[/url]

by looking at that…how am i gonna bypass the a/c compressor with a shorter belt?

Like this


rotational direction of the #5 pulley will be in the wrong direction.

how about…

still wouldn’t work. #5 is the tensioner pulley… lol

That was hilarious.

Doesn’t the alternator swing? I would check on my car, but it is put away for the winter.

Coudln’t find it but i have a manual with the diagram, i’ll try to post it tomorrow when I’m not drinking and driving on the information superhighway.

There’s a guy that did autocross around here that had taken off the compressor, gutted it, then put the empty housing/pulley back on. Said there was a weight savings of like 40lbs with all the hosing and what-not taken out as well.

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