Make you 1st post and cab get to Know each other

Well I’ve only been here a short while but I’d like to get to know all of you.
My name is Michael Washington, I was born into a military family. I’m Black, Puerto Rican, German and French(mutt so to speak). I lived fast and decided to stop when I had the idea to start a small time floral arangement business(working at Hobby Lobby) at a local flea market. I got into motorsports in 2000 after watching an amazing Audi pit stop during the 24 hours of Le Mans. I always liked cars, I seen a local German rally series with my uncle when I was a child. I love rally racing. Driving is better than sex in my opinion. I came here to fight boredom after legal issues, but perhaps this is part of my destiny…

Ok, im Jay-r, i own Jayco Automotive, i was raised in a military family, got in to cars as a kid never got it out of my system, started jayco in 1999, as a engine and transmission shop for muscle cars. bought my first zx2 in 98, its only been the last year or so that i have specifically went to making ZX2 and Focus parts, still do muscle car engines and transmissions. Also we are expanding to do work for Neons, Talons, Cavaliers, Sunfires and Eclipses.

Im Mark. Got my first zx2 in 2002. it was an 02 red, shortly there after I wrecked it by hitting ice patch and slamming into a bridge. My replacement was an 03 in Dark Shadow Gray. I got her in 2004. Put most of the parts I could salvage from the red 02 to the dsg 03.

Family: I live at home with the rents cause it saves me money and them too.

Interests: my zx2 and computers.

Work: I work with the Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled. A job I thought was never for me. But Im good at doing what I do.

cant think of anything else at the moment.

I’m Mike i was born into a Ford family many many moons ago. My father owned a T-bird from 55 to 78 every two years he would get a new one.
I worked for Fed Ex freight for 5 years. Now i work at Home Depot part time and am a stay at home dad. I have two boys 2yrs and 14 yrs. Both are my life and greatest passion. My wife works for the State Dept. of Corrections as a counsler.

I bought my car new back in 98. I drove it right off the show room floor. The modding began with in the 1st week. I got into racing very heavily both legal and illlegal. My best 1/4 time was 13.88 @ 98 mph. THe cars become Famous on the Escort Forums due to the fact that the legandary Jack Roush Signed the car. Its been on a episode of Third Watch as a extra and is on NOPI’s web site.

I have been a member of the various boards over the years under diffrent names. But ZX2MS has always been my home site since its creation.

Darron, 23. Got into cars thanks to The Fast and the Furious honestly. As you can tell by my car, however, I’m not a ricer. Got married about 2.5 months ago and we moved into our house about a month ago.

  • Darron

Ray, turned 25 as of today. Was into machines in general thanks to my dad who is ex-navy. He also go me into aviation, and when I hit high school I took that interest to the next level with computers. Had a lot of racing adventures in high school with my 1990 dark blue T-Bird named Tina. Didn’t really mod her too much, it was already a strong car. After she gave out I bought my 02 ZX2, and named her Sprite. I met my now fiance Melinda in college and a few months after moving in with her in a new apartment in Echo Park CA (deep in LA) I got into a bad car accident and lost Sprite. I got my 03 ZX2, named Nova, and moved with Melinda into a new place in Sliver Lake, still in LA just no longer in the ghetto. I love my family and my friends and will fiercely defend them as necessary.

I am Miranda, 23. I have lived in Toledo, Ohio my entire life. I married my soul mate almost 3 months ago. We bought a house together and we are working on fixing it up.
My dad loves cars and worked at a custom corvette shop and then a parts store, so I have kinda always been into cars. I bought my Zx2 a little over a year ago as inspired by Darron:) and I love it:)
I work at a Ford dealership ansewering phones, I have been there for a little over a year and a half. I am looking to get another job though. I like the office work, but I want to go somewhere where I can move up.


Sumner, age 20… started racing mx when i was 5 , stopped at 17 , been working on cars and motorcycles ever since

Chris Casper is my name. I have been into ZX2s since the start of their time. I own a '98 and a '02. My interests are: Women, Beer, ZX2s, Web Design, Anything that can be talkin apart, Computers, Racing, and alot more… but not really in the order… I have lived in Wisconsin my whole life until recently. I just moved to Florida to take a job at Disney as a web designer. thats about it for me. Back to coding. :mrgreen:

Everyone calls me Jaeryn even though it’s not my actually name… I’m 22, I was born in Novi Sad, Serbia (Yugoslavia) to American parents. (My dad is retired Air Force). Moved to the US when I was 5 after being all over Europe. Joined the US Army at 17, got deployed to Kosovo then got back. Stayed there 4 years, then switched to the Navy. Messed up my knee really bad. (The kneecap went from the front of my knee to the side.) Had to get surgery and stuff, and am looking at going back here in the next month or 2 and probably going to Iraq cause I’ll volunteer to go.

Working on cars has always been a thing of mine. I come from a Ford family, but my dad breaks cars by simply looking at them… I was modifying cars before the Fast and the Furious. I actually helped found the original Fallen Angels car club a couple years before the Fast and the Furious. I was modding a Focus back in 2000 before they became big. I got my first ZX2 in November of 2003, it was already partially modified from the dealer as a special 100th Anniversary of Ford edition. I love the 03, and would have never got one if they’d kept the old body style. My second 03 came around in July of 04. I’ve been working on my first one, the white one, almost exclusively. In my spare time I’m either on the computer or working with other tech goodies or I’m working on my car or one of the cars in my club. I run a shop out of my garage modifying cars as a side job- other than that I work for Borders (the bookstore) and am in the midst of an apprenticeship at a local tattoo/body piercing shop.

I’m Jeff and I’m new here. I’ve been working on cars since I was 14, I’m 25 now. I bought my 2000 Yellow S/R last year after I drove my dad’s car , which is identical to mine, or rather mine is identical to his. I’m also into Muscle Cars and am restoring a 1969 Firebird 400 Convertible. I graduate college this year and will begin working in my chosen field as a High School History teacher.

Peace, Drive Safe.

My name is Kevin Im in Idaho for school At BYUI so yea thas all about my fun life

The Name is Jason. Really got into cars when I got my 98’ ZX2. Before that I couldn’t even change a tire :oops: I live in South Jersey (just outside of Atlantic City) and work at the Richard Stockton College of NJ as an accountant. I like tuning my car (Obviously!) running (been doin that since 5th grade), biking, love toys still, clubs and trance music, and many other things about life as well.

Hi my name is Danielk Blocker. I first got into cars in 01’ and since then Ive been trying to learn everything I can about them. T.V. shows, magazines, forums. You name it Ive tried to suck information out of it. I first got my ZX2 in about May 06’ and since then Ive been trying to mod it to get the most performance out of it.

WElcome if you have any questions please feel free to ask

I’m Nikki, I’m white and my dad is a Vietnam Vetran. His is 100% disabled and doesnt have a left leg. My family is quite strict but I have learned great work values from it. I have also learned that nothing is free in this world and you must work hard for everything. If anyone ever needs to talk, I realize I’m only 17, but i actually have a good prospective on life and general Rights and Wrongs… i tend to think outside the box and give others a view point they usually wouldnt use.

Take Care

I’m Derek, I’m 21. I grew up in a small town, only to move to a slightly larger town but barely. I live a simple life, but a fun one working for a local ISP. I spend most my time enjoying my life and spending time with my wife, Katie. We spend most of our time riding our sport bikes together, wrenching on the zx2 or doing projects on our motorcycles together or just going out on hikes, things like that. Most my hobbies include my bikes, cars, my job (i do enjoy my job), and working on my dad’s project camaro with him, working on my local riding websites, maintaining and moderating a few other websites and working on my computers and servers.

I am a proud computer nerd.

why yes… yes you are… :slight_smile: