Mah wee little 250 the way it should be...


Felt horrible that it’s been dirty for a week. My fiance went on a two up ride with me today so we detailed the 250 by hand and had a good ol’ time :slight_smile: Went to prineville to pick up her anniversary presents I got her. Brand new Joe rocket riding gloves, a kawasaki ninja flag banner (HUGE, literally takes up half the wall), and old vintage style patches for her (she wanted to make a kawi shirt and kawi coat, so i bought her a crapload of patches to do so) among other miscellaneous things… so we had a nice 2 hour ride together hitting up the twisties with her on the back… got her stuff, detailed the bike… headed back, had some jody’s bbq (best food in the freaking world) and then headed home.

Anyway, these are the pics after the wash… I let it dry (thank god for mr clean autodry, that thing works like a charm and is the ONLY WAY i will wash and dry the ninja due to it being black).

But I detailed it by hand, got the wheels, inside the wheels, the engine, the fairings, the gauges, the windshield, the whole freaking bike, its cleaner than when it came off the lot almost. Lol, my fiance made the comment of “Oh no, its dirty, not clean, cause i’ve been riding it all day! Hot damn!”.

Sounds like a nice day.

:thumbsup: Glad to see it cleans up so well.

I think I saw a red one of these on the freeway today. Not totally sure, but yeah.