Magnaflow Exhaust

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I recently just got a Gold 00 ZX2. As for now because of college I don’t have a lot of money to spend on performance parts. I however want a exhaust. All I really want to replace is the muffler. I have been looking at the Magnaflow Straight Through Muffler (P.N. 14415).

2.5" Core
14" Body Length, 20" Overall Length.

I was wondering with the stock exhaust system will this muffler be to loud, and probably attract the police (lol)?

If money is tight, an underdrive pulley will give you more bang for your buck than a muffler.

this is what I have but I didn’t pay that much

A muffler won’t do anything but change the sound. Spend the money on something that will free up some power. If all you want is a sound change, remove the stock muffler and put a pipe and tip there. The sound is actually good as the car already has a resonator on it.

I AGREE im running straight pipes from the resonator now and most ppl like mine

But if you are hell bent on a muffler, magnaflow is a good choice over all. A friend of mine had like 4 different cat back exhaust systems on his ZX-2. I know Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and Borla cat back systems were on his car. The Magnaflow was the best over all for a little added power and sound.

Really, you got dynos to prove the power difference? Sound is subjective. If you want loud and ass sounding, get something other then Borla. If you want smooth and deep, get Borla.

my magnaflow isnt loud and ass sounding. you can ask zx2roush about that.

No we did not have any kind of dyno slips. Personaly I did not like the Borla exhaust system. I liked the sound of the Flowmaster better then the Borla, but the power was the least best with the Flowmaster. The Magnaflow was the best power and sound. This is just my personal feeling on the subject…

Mark, don’t take it personal…he’s speaking from personal experience…which is with a Borla. Magnaflow is a quality brand so I’m not suprised to hear that it is not lound and ass sounding.

  • Darron

wasn’t taking it personal. just stating a fact and who to refer to confirm it.

I have heard very good things about Borla, I just don’t care for it.

ive hear both a borla on a S/R and marks magnaflow
both sound good very powerfull exaust sounds not rice at all

other than mind i like marks but thats my $.02 so take it with a grain of salt

I would like to clarify, my Borla is not the S/R Borla. It still sounds good.

  • Darron