Ok, so yesterday I removed the MAF and its housing from the Air Box. I noticed mine was plastic and from the pictures Ive seen, the others are metal. Does anybody else have a plastic venture housing for the MAF?

Is this on your Z? I thought all Zs had plastic MAFs. Maybe I’m wrong.

yea, on my Z, just curious. I sware that all Ive seen is silver ones. Maby theyre just painted for looks.

They are all plastic.

I have a 1998 zx2 and mine is most deffinatly metal (cast aluminum infact)…now the sensor itself is plastic but the casing is aluminum…then again i have never seen a newer z under the hood.

Well, which year did they start the Zx2? I don’t mean the Escort or Escort Sport.

Wasn’t it 1999 or 2000?

The zx2 came out in 1998 all zx2’s that have “escortzx2” on the rear bumber is a 1998 anything that has just a “ZX2” is either a 1999 or newer
but like i said i’ve never seen a 1999 MAF so i dont’ know if 98’ are the only metal ones…but mine is most deff metal. My VIN# is 3FAKP1134WR208822 (thenth VIN is a W for 1998) that might help in finding one if you go to a junkyard.

Hope that helps some.

See now, it does make some sense considering the Taurus uses the same MAF as the Zx2. I looked at my buddy’s Taurus and his was metal.

FORD!! Just pick one style and run with it! If you make one better, then shift to using that, GOD!!

So, which ones better and allows more air to flow through it stock wise??? Or are they exactly the same, just diff materials?

Just different materials

POOP, I just bought one last night :frowning:


if you have them both now measure them and let us know if they have the same mm size

ugh, didnt u see the J/K just above my Sig?

My 98 is also metal, maybe the 6 wire MAFs are plastic?

Not that it makes too much difference, but my buddy’s 99 Taurus uses a metal 6 wire MAF (same size as Zx2).

FORD!! Just pick one style and run with it! If you make one better, then shift to using that, GOD!!

i’m using a explorer 4.0 maf the 6 wire
im not shure if it will work on all zx2’s i have a apexi safc 2
but if u find one in a junk yard try it it might work on all zx2’s

See, your Air Flow Meter is what makes it work for you. I believe everyone realizes that you need to modify the signal when you move to a larger MAF.

I was stupid and thought it was plug and play, but after some research I found that I needed to adjust the signal on the MAF. I was moving the same amount of air through the larger MAF, but the signal was weaker, causing my computer add less fuel. <-- Scary, so learn from my mistake. All you need to do is tell the computer that you moving the same amount of air with the weaker signal. I believe the voltage measurement is between 1 and 5 volts.

So roushzx2’s APEXi Safc 2 looks like one way to go. Can that be change the A/F Ratio on the fly? I was personally looking at the Xcalibrator 2, but you can only change the computer when the engine is off or something like that.

i’ve never tried to change it on the fly as to say but ive changed it at lights and parking lot w/out turning off the car with out a problem

I would consider that on the fly.

  • Darron

afc’s can be tuned anytime and anywhere once they are installed and they hold differnt tuning setups too so switching is even so much easier even while driving if your so talented … i personally dont have one but ive used many of them when i worked at the dsm specailty shop … and my buddy has one in his honda