M3 Mirror

Ok so ive had these custom mirrors for over 2 years now. Well i finally decided to paint them, and they are ready to go on. There are 3 wires. A blue wire, a white wire, and a black wire. The wire that feeds directly into the turn signal bulb has red and green wires. You can begin to see my dilema. If anyone could give me an idea of what wires i should splice, and where etc etc that would be awesome. For some strange reason my ford manual wont work :-/ Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ZX2Fast…? I’m positive that he’d know. He’s the wiring genius for the ZX2. At least that’s my opinion

  • Darron

Use a voltmeter , see which wire pulses for turn signal …

You’re gonna look dumb when I can’t figure it out!

Anyhow, you need to figure out what the wires on the mirror do. One will of course be ground. I’m not sure I understand the wires you listed here. How many wires are coming from the mirror? There should only be two unless it supports parking lamps separate from blinkers. If you have two, this will be really easy. The turn signal wires you need from the parking lamps are: passenger side lamp- green/white=turn, red/black=parking; driver side lamp- green/black=turn, red/black=parking. If you want them to blink, you hook the wire up to the turn wire. If you have three wires coming from the mirror, one will be parking lamp and the other will be turn lamp. Just hook them up to the battery (two wires at a time, one ground one hot) to see which wire does what. The brighter light will be the turn light. Since one wire will be ground, just run it to any bare metal on the frame. The other one or two wires will be your power and will have to be run to the respective parking lamps. The wire colors I listed are for the inner turn signals. If you hook them up and find they blink too fast, you’ll have to use relays (or find a higher amp blinker module) to operate the blinker part of the mirrors. If you find you have to do this, AIM and I’ll tell you how to wire up the relays. AIM is RazberryEater

I knew you could do it! I would think I’d be able to get ‘er done if I were doin’ it.

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i am new so plse forgive me i was woundering if u have completed this mod and have pics and wich m3 mirrors u used
thanks dave