lower suspension

little or no $$ please… lol… my friends think they know… but i dont wanna screw it up… oh and also anyone know where i can get free decals… like street glow and things like that… also wouldnt mind being in a racing team for ZX2’s but dunno of one near me…

lowering is expensive, thats why i havn’t done it yet

I haven’t done it because I haven’t purchased another car for the winter yet. This Spring I will lower my car guaranteed. But to lower correctly, I need springs, struts and a re-alignment. If someone puts the Focus Sport S/C in their car with minimal problems, I just might have to do that before lowering.

depending on who does the lowering for you it could cost anywhere from $150-$600+.

$600+ is with having a mechanic do it along with struts and alignment.
$150 is doing the work yourself and just cost of springs.

I definately recommend getting the alignment done in any case.

I did my own alignment and the only measurement that moved when I lowered it was Camber and it wasn’t that bad either, there is very little tire wear from my tires last summer. Besides the way the camber was reading was perfect for racing, it was inward which is good for cornering performance.

Any real performance or visual alteration is not going to be cheap.

  • Darron

The way I see it.

Eibach Springs: $181.50
Tokico Struts: $137.50
Shipping: $50 Max
Alignment: $60

Total: $429.00
Performance and small wheel gap…priceless!

the puerto ricans on my block cut their springs … but i dont suggest doing that for alot of reasons ill let other people list 8)

Ummmm yeah cutting the springs is never suggested. And lowering it on stock struts is also really not going to accomplish a whole lot, may as well do both the springs and struts. And hell, while you’re doing that, do the bushings, they’ll wear out eventually anyway.

Springs and struts for a good performance set are anywhere from $150 for struts and usually another $150 for springs, if you’re looking for the stiff stuff and adjustable struts and such expect more.

Doing it yourself is simple, I was able to do mine in less than 2 hours. it’ll be the same timeframe with a mechanic, only you’ll be paying for labor there which = more $$$.