Lou's Garage Sale

OK, I’m constantly updating this, so check back for anything new.

I have a pair of 98 ZX2 Door Panels. SOLD

Also, I have a 98 ZeTec Fuel rail, returnless style, with a Schrader valve, so It can accept a nitrous setup. 25 shipped for this.

I have tan seats out of a 98 ZX2. $30 local pickup, which includes both front seats, rear seat, and the hardware needed to make the rear seat fold down.

EDIT: Ok, I dropped the price on the ZX2 seats. 30 pickup

I will accept trade-offs if anyone has an Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator for a 94-95 5.0 mustang or a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump.
I accept PayPal, Western Union, or Postal Money Order, but I prefer PayPal.

ugh, how much u think shipping will be for those door panels? Guessing not worth it, you are just over 5 hours away and I dont want to make that drive just for door panels.

go to any body shop and ask for a hood box . .they should just give it to you for shipping … also if the shipping is more then 60 bucks you can but large items under 60lbs on a greyhound bus my buddy did that with the hood off his conquest

thanks for the idea, but my buddy just got a new hood today, so ill most likely use that. also, can u get me details on the greyhound shipping thing?

Also, I can ship the panels. let me know if u still want them.

just package what ever your packing wiegh it (even tho they will weigh it again) take it to the greyhound station … tell them you want to send it on the bus and fill out some info and off it goes … make sure you have the reciepents phone number! so they can call when it gets there

Where is hudson valley ny im interested in the door panels
maybe meet me half way im in scranton pa about 1 hr from binghamton
im me or email at zx2svt@verizon.net
im is zx2svtzx2

Panels have been sold to roushzx2, aka, svtzx2svt.

northeast of you roush… im about an hour from escortracing. about 1 1/2 from you.