Looking for test car

I’m looking for a ZX2 in San Diego so I can make a Air Divison Panel, just like the one we make for the Protege

Im on the otherside of the county but can you explain exactly what the air division panel does? is this just cosmetic or performance based?

You can send of to me up here in Oregon :wink: I’ll try it on

It’s cosmetic, it covers the gap between the front bumper and radiator.


thats called a shroud

I would be interested!!! If it was clean looking!!! And direct fit!!

Like I said I’ll test it LOL :wink: I am only up a little north in Oregon haha

I live in the imperial valley im a lot closer and only 2 hours away. i could be down in a jiffy as long as im not working at that moment

He is no longer with us. He has left the site.