Looking for some stuff

Looking for a valve cover that I can clean up and paint as a spare. Checked ebay and no luck there.

Also thinking of putting HIDs on it too, goin with 6000s to brighten it up a bit.

I have a 99+ style. Could sell ya if you are interested. I could do $20+shipping

The valve cover?

I have a 99+ that I’ll sell for 10 and shipping

try Pull-a-Part Atlanta South for a valve cover. They don’t specify the ZX2 from the escort and usually the 98+ cars are zx2’s. You could also get one from a Cougar, Focus, Contour, etc. as long as it has the Zetec. I find stuff there all the time.


As for an HID kit, get on Import Atlanta and talk to Nitro. He sells them for a great price and will take care of any problems that come up. I have not personally gotten parts from him but would in a heartbeat.