Local debeat buyer/loser selling his half rice/nice ZX2

He still has some of my parts and owes me $$$ for them, but here’s his car.


ive seen the car on there and on teamzx2 its nice but the info is wrong on it and some ppl just thing hes a lier about the parts and stuff and if he owes you money hes a dead beat

but the front is sick/not a big fan of the rims/ and the ZX2 bommer tail looks better than the integi’s

It definately catches your eye with the front end, but the rear looks so skinny due to the front ends shape. The rims are plain nasty. It does have a roll cage, head job, nitrous, tokico struts, custom mustang springs, and a camber kit set at -1. He handles probably better than anyone here or anywhere else. He did have a side exhaust that look horrible.

we’ll on e-bay he clames to have a ZX3 motor and from the photos it’s plain to see it’s the vct zetec. and as far as handeling i think theres a few s/r guys that would contradict you /him imo

wtf @ a mazta 6 front end on a ford with the mazda logo? If he likes mazda go buy one? I dunno, not feeling it, thats just me.

I think it looks hot! but I agree if you want a mazda get a mazda… or a ford. :smiley:

that has to be the ugliest thing i have ever seen i will lose sleep over that

Not quite sure what to think of it…Part of me “kinda” likes it and part of me thinks that it is just plain fugly.


I thinks its ok… Fiestas are nicer though(insight to my twisted mind :evil:)