Lmao, damn fuel filter!

That idling was getting a bit rough and when I checked the fuel filter I found it BENT and RUSTED???

How in the hell it got that way is beyond me. The middle of it was scrunched, the outside was rusted at the tips…

Thank god for new fuel filters.

Anyone have any hints next time on getting those damned white clips off?



Hard to see in the picture but the inner circle is surrounded in rust and the whole ring on it where the actual metal ring holds it in place looks like someone used 300ft lbs of torque to hold it down on one side.

i broke one of my clips, then when installing the new filter dropped one of the new clips god knows where and couldn’t find it.

You know I had a hard time with the little bastards. Mine were dropping down behind the bay and looked like they were falling on the crossmember, took me a flashlight and moving my intake out of the way to actually get to the fuel filter so I dived down and found them. Make sure to get them all on or you’ll have a nasty surprise with the fuel, lol. God knows I did when I was taking off the filter, dropped the bottom clip and moved the line just a bit “POP” went the fuel all over. That’s to be expected, but I should have had a rag handy, lmao. Someone on teamzx2 said “it’s a sinch, teaspoon of fuel MAX” teaspoon my ass! The damn thing was FULL! LOL!

But I found that its better to bite the bullet and buy new clips than try to get the old ones OFF, it’s easier to take them off and brake them than it is to do it carefully to save them.

I’ve been wanting to change mine for forever…care to put a li’l write up and some engine bay pics of what you need to do to get it out/in?

  • Darron

Consider it done, soon as I’ll get home… I’ll get pics, i’ll update the first post with a walkthrough.

I did mine in 30 minutes tops, I bought my filter from NAPA and it came with new clips, i broke off the old ones, took out the filter, put in the new one, snapped in the new clips and ready to roll.

Yeah see I got mine at napa and mine didn’t come with any clips, but then again I think that napa uses different warehouses and different brands depending on what’s available. (My dad works for them and says that most of their performance stuff comes from performance warehouse, but I’m west coast), for instance if you order an OEM clutch it can be an OEM replacement and could be a made in china POS or a nice Valeo for the same price depending on what’s on the shelf.

Either way I had to buy my clips, :frowning: oh well, it was only like $1.50 for them.

the reason why there was so much fuel when u unpluged it was because it was cloged and used up i had the same thing happen to me twice. You would think i would have learned the first time. And mine came w/ clips also mine was a fram filter if that means anything

NO! NOT FRAM! They have to be some of the worst, anything, replacement parts producer out there. My father is an Automechanic and told me never to use FRAM. They clog up (oil and fuel filters), they are poorly designed (everything), they are restrictive (everything), but they are cheap (you get what you pay for).

i got it off of tom zxtuner79 i’v had them before w/ no probs. But i change mine every year or every 10,000 miles so that could be it to

Hes right about fram oil filters anyway, dunno about fuel filters, fram oil filters hold the filtering media to the metal case with cardboard!! just plain old cardboard, go buy one and cut it up, its really kinda scary, motorcraft filters are some of the best ive used so far from a domestic company, actually believe it or not the bargin generic advanced auto filters are good too (if they have the anti drainback valve) oh and the fuel filter should only take a few minutes, just put a small flat head screw driver under the large part of the plastic clips and gently pry them away from the fuel line, they just clips into it, sometimes it can be tricky but unless you buy more clips be really careful there easy to break!!

Hey guys, I just got my new Z from New York, it needs a fuel filter real bad, I purchased it again from NAPA like I did for my other Z and I opened the box in the store and it didn’t have clips so I asked the gal for one with clips and she just pulled them out of another box. She told me they should always come with clips but sometimes they don’t get sent that way from the warehouse, so they rob from one and give to the other. Did Koishi (sp?) ever do that write up for the fuel filter? Otherwise if I think of it I’ll do one up when I change mine here in a couple weeks.

haha a write up? Underneath your intake is where your fuel filter is (for beginners). There is a plastic clip on top of the filter, and the same clip right underneath it, you dont need any tools, just your fingers. With your left hand pull on the big tab, with your right hand squeeze the two small tabs on the other side of the hose together and pull out with your left thats holding the big tab. Do the same for underneath the filter.

Gah, I have totally spaced the writeup. I just got a new camera though not too long ago and it’s a quick job, i’ll do a write-up for you this weekend if that’ll work okay for ya?