Light ticking on cold mornings?

Since the weathers gone cold my 02 zx2 tends to knock a little for the fist 30 seconds of run time then gradually turns into a light tick. It doesn’t do it all the time or every time i start the car. I plan to unplug the knock sensor anyway but any ideas as to the cause of the tick would be great. Oh btw the car doesn’t make a sound over idle, and runs awsome all the time. The tick doesn’t seem to effect the oil pressure either.

LOL on your other thread I just reccomended unplugging your knock sensor hahaha… It might just be the injectors you are hearing… Our injectors are fairly loud. What kind of oil do you run?

I run 5w20 motorcraft but I think I solved the problem. My car was throwing a p0171 system to lean code and i noticed my pcv hose elbow was collapsed. Talked to my ford
mechanic buddy and he told me to replace the hose and that would fix the code cause it was causing a vacuum leak. Subsequently after i replaced the hose the knock went away and the motor idles better too.