Yesterday I went to a local WalMart when I drove by a Nissan dealership. This evil littal coupe cought my eye and I was forced to stop. Apon closer inspection I found the feelings for this car as I did for my first ZX2. I was inspired by the car that sat befor me. So I opened the door and climbed in and was in a place have only found inside a ZX2 cockpit… Tranquility. I popped the hood and peared inside to see a buitiful 3.5L V6. So right there I new that the 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe was the car for me. the simple fact that the car has 270hp, and 258fpt is entertaining. If you add in the 6 speed manual then you have the car off my dreams. I have already talked to Wolf technologies and they are planning a S/C and complete bolt ons. Tein is throwing around the a full suspension swap for it. It will be a long year, but I am willing to weight.

They are beautiful…


There is only one thing that i dont like. thats the 30,000 price tag. Thats like 1/3 the value of my house. It wont be till next year till I buy it so I have time to make finnal desisions and evan change my mind. The wife said I should get a 240 and put an RB26DET, out of the Skyline GT-S. Well have to see.

At the very least we should consider ourselves lucky that dropping an engine into another car is an option for us. Most people who just drop that kinda cash for a car do so because they either don’t want to or just can’t work on a tuner project.

I just read my first post, and it made me realize that it looks like I’m dumping my Z. lol… I couldn’t leave my buddy behind. :smiley:

Sorta figured. :smiley: