License Suspension

Who has gotten their license suspended or worse, why and how you dealt with it?

Mine was suspended cause I had a joint(Khali Mist) in my pocket. 171 days to go. So far so good.

mine is /was suspended 4 two years for 138moh in a 45

Its not safe to go faster than 130 on the street but u seem like my type of dude :evil:

yeah and its not smart to have joint in your pocket. Also are you some sort of complete druggy?

and i was on a hi-way at 3 am

I smoke but dont drink or ingest nicotine, also i try and stay away from indica strains just sativas

OK from now on even know this is a general chat do not talk about ilegal drugs please.

my aplogies… no polotics from my part either :wink:

Anyone else have their licsense suspended?

had mine suspended once lol its not to bad, met my soon to be wife because of it so im glad i lost them. lol.

I’ve gotten close. I got a ticket while driving my old 90 T-Bird 65mph in a 25 school zone on a monday morning while making an unsafe lane change.

I more or less got owned.

I have never had my license suspended or even come close(thank the good Lord). I have had a couple tickets. Trying not to get any of those anymore. The only reason I have not been able to drive is because of lack of a vehicle.


I got my license suspended for “too many points for a minor”. I tend to collect speeding tickets. (Well, I used to.) The only crappy thing about it was all I had to do was take a driving class and it’d be over- but I found out 4 months after they’d suspended it that it was suspended. They’d sent to notice to my old address, and I never got it, so they just gave up trying to get ahold of me. It would have sucked if I’d have gotten pulled over, because you really get f-ed for driving with a suspended license.

I got nailed for 89 in a 55 but got off the ticket :slight_smile:

Reinstatement fees are $300 in Alabama