Lexan rear and 1/4 windows...

Does anybody know of a company that already has the zx2 molds for these windows?

Also what does everybody think about the idea…please suggestions and comments needed!

Most race shops will be willing to cut lexan to size and install it, other glass companies can do it but may not install it. I’m not aware of anyone thats has prefabricated Lexan. I like the idea of removing weight by using Lexan. :smiley:

Yeah…so your saying i could buy a sheet of lexan and then get it cut to size at a regular glass shop…then install it?

What about the rear defroster. Does that whole system have to be junked?

I’m pretty sure a regular glass shop will cut it but it’s not DOT approved so the may not do he install. I had the ones for one of my older Firebirds done at a local speed shop.

Most likely…if i get lexan windows the car will not be driven in cold weather anyway. She will sit in the garage in the winter.

I suppose the front, sides and side quaters will still be a LOT of weight to loose. I like the idea.

I just wanna do the rear and 1/4s for now…i will do the sides if i can still roll my windows down with lexan replacements.

I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to roll 'em down…but what do I know.

  • Darron

are our side windows curved at all? or are the flat?

And on the 1/4 windows…im pretty sure they are flat but could be wrong.

From what I understand lexan is some sort of extremely tough plexiglass from what I was told. But if you rolled them down they’d probably scratch as dirt and different things from the air get caught on your weather stripping, sticking to the weather stripping and scraping against your window as it rolls down. While glass won’t scratch, imagine fine dust and things that can scratch lexan (like metals, minerals, and things like that) If it were me the only reason I’d put lexan in my side windows that I can normally roll down would be for pure race car, lol I’d imagine you’d be replacing windows a lot unless lexan is “unscratcheable”.

There’s always anti scratch film, the kind they put on headlights and front ends…

Yes you can get anti-scratch film but on both sides of the lexan.

I love this idea! But were do you get lexan sheets, and how much does it cost? Also doesnt lexan fog up (weather) like headlights with age? Id hate for that to happen. wouldnt tint, possibly on both sides be just as good for preventing scratches? And lastly, is there anyone that has done this and can give some insight into this? Now that I think of it probably not if this post is even up. Uh well.

Tint wouldnt work like the anti-scratch stuff since the tint would just scratch and it would be very noticable then. Also you can get lexan sheets from ProGlass.com…i think thats the website…just google it. Plus they made a film that keeps it from fogging.

A full rear window for our car in lexan would only weigh around 4-8 pounds… regular glass weighs Id say 4x that…

So there wouldn’t even be a need for a rear defroster? Sweet.

If i remember correctly then…yeah…no need for rear defroster. BUT its illegal now so race cars only…im in a small town and can get around that so im adding all new glass to my project list. Im talking lexan all the way around…front w/ brace, sides, 1/4’s, and back…should save a lot of weight.

I got a price quote from ProGlass on a full lexan window kit. They told me it would cost $875 for all windows and that I would have to send in molds to get them made. Now my problem isnt sending them by truck…my problem is that my front windshield is cracked and im sure they need all good windows.

So here is what im asking…is there anybody near Bristol, IL that would take one for the team and go get the molds made?

Im gonna e-mail them back asking if it would cost anythign to just get the molds made right now…and if they could un-install the windows and re-install them at the shop when they take the molds…so somebody closer to Bristol can get them made.