Legality of red neons

I live in Georgia and I was wondering if anyone knew where to look at the laws for red neon underglow. I want to make sure that it is legal. There is a Mustang with red neons that hasnt been pulled over but I just wanted to know if anyone else knws if they are legal.

depends on your area. Most places do not allow your neons to be on unless your parked (then they can’t do anything). Look on google for local laws pertaining to cars and neons.

Thanx. Why didnt I think of that? (slaps forehead) :slight_smile:

if u question its legality don’t do it

Go to the library and look up the laws on auxiliary lighting. I looked up the laws for NY and they state that the lighting is ok so long as it isn’t moving, flashing, oscillating or dazzle. Anything above 35-candle watt power must be diffused or the source cannot be seen.

Next summer, I will put aside the money for the courts and turn on my neons to get caught. It is easier than going through all the red tape and then have someone vote on the issue.

lol, Mirror, somtimes I just can’t help but love your tactics. :smiley:

you could get some of those neons that will change colors, then you can change them if you do get pulled over.

your talking about led’s and if a cop sees those your screwd

Why? Are LEDs less legal than neons?

If those neons/leds flash or dazzle, that’s when you are screwed. Well, at least in my state.

my state if they change color your screwed trust me i know i tried

Most places they are just plane illegal.

Check your STATE LAW.

Here, i made google my bitch so you could read on it.

[url=] ... &section=7[/url] [url=] ... section=90[/url]

From 7 to 90 is all traffic laws.

I think that 90 would be your main thing to read. But read through there and the answers will be revealed my friend.

The best thing to do is not to base your light questions off of whether or not another car has done it and not been pulled over… but to base it off of you looking for the answers on your own, asking the dmv or ultimately (and i’m not kidding) just ask a cop. What are they going to do, arrest your for inquiring about something before you do it? I don’t think so.

Ultimately if you have to ask its best not to do it, fix it tickets add up over time… ask the question, get it answered, but don’t bother till you find out.

It doesn’t always work to ask a cop… I was pulled over for my neon once- 2 different county cops wouldn’t sign my fix it ticket unless I actually removed the neon, but a city cop just laughed and signed it.

There are general rules for neon-

Red is illegal if you’re moving. Use it for shows and parking lots. Just because that other car hasn’t been caught yet doesn’t mean it’s not illegal. I have red on my car. You will never see it on unless I’m at a show or in a parking lot with friends. I have a second set that is blue that I use for driving around.

Blue, yellow and green are illegal if they flash.

ANY color neon is illegal if the bars are obvious. It has to be hidden under the sides or bumper with just the glow visible. If you can see the bars, cops will become your new best friend.

There is one color that is completely legal: Amber.

If you really wanted to, you could put marker lights all over your car and it wouldn’t matter. Hell look how many Semi-Tractor Trailors have. Amber is a marking light.

Thanx for all the help guys. I think Ill hold out on the neons, and at any case I have performance on my mind right now.

Yea thats true but what about that show Trick my truck? Ive seen them put red neons under a semi and green. If you havent seen the show it comes on CMT.

Have you watched Pimp My Ride? They put neon on almost every car they do- doesn’t mean it’s legal to have on while driving.

true-dat true-dat.