Leather seats

A I the only person who has a ZX2 with stock leather seats??? I have never ever seen or heard of another one with them…I was so confused when I went to look at the car for the first time, I was like, WTF, I didn’t know it even existed!!!

I’ve known they’ve existed for a while (thought about buying some off e-bay a while back). They are pretty rare though.

  • Darron

I replaced mine with some off ebay after seeing em in my brother’s wife zx2. First time I’d seen em, till then I thought they were all cloth.

Yeah I also thought of buying some off of ebay, most people who were buying the Z were just buying as a budget sporty car, they didn’t want to tack on the extra money for leather seats, it defeated their purpose. That’s why they are rare, they sell for a lot of money on ebay. Wish I had that kind of cash… :cry: