So my engine is leaking antifreeze like crazy from right beside the engine… I’m pretty sure it’s where the thermostat is, but im an idiot, so I don’t know. It’s coming from the area of whatever the thing right in front of the ignition coil is. But yeh, I’m also convinced it may be related to the thermostat or a gasket on the thermostat because it only leaks really bad while it’s warming up, after that it’s only a minor leak, which is likely due to the pressure which is existent while the thermostat is closed and not present when it is open… but yeh, I was just wondering if anybody has experienced this before or is just genius enough to know how i should approach this.

A lot of people experience the problem, and usually the housing is cracked. A new thermostat housing is around $30 from Ford. It’s a matter of taking off the three hoses and unbolting it from the head. Once you get it off, you can look to see where the leak is coming from, and get a better idea of what needs replaced.

Also, that would be the left side of the engine, for some reason, everything is referenced from the rear of the car, not the front.

I am no leak free… after replacing the thermostat housing… but my road is a mess… LOL

Just throw some kitty litter on it. Then scoop it up into a garbage bag. If you are lazy, then just wait for it to rain. Just don’t put your car over the spot affected.

By no means do I think it is OK to harm the environment, but if stuff happens, it happens.